Monday, July 9, 2012

How Altruistic Are Stockroom Clerks, Anyhow?

My 16-year-old son found himself unexpectedly unemployed after holding an office job for a year.  He wants pocket money flowing again, so he's trying to find a summer situation which will carry over into the next school year if he's lucky.

Today he went on a local supermarket's web site to fill out an application.  He asked me for advice about the legal type questions, and then it got really interesting.  After he chose the kind of job he wanted (the overall support tasks -- stock, janitorial, collecting carts, servicing the can/bottle machines, etc.) he was asked to answer a long series of personality evaluation questions -- how much do you agree with this statement, etc.  I have taken this kind of questionnaire before, but I've been working in a professional environment for over 25 years.  Examples:

  • "I put other people's feelings and desires before my own."
  • "Most people want to quit their job more than the boss realizes."
  • "Most people would use a company credit card to buy personal items."
  • "Unfortunately, I would probably have to change jobs again within one year."
  • "Most people make mistakes and I would have no problem making mistakes on the job."
  • "When given a task, I would always seek to do it the way I see fit."
  • "I take pride in performing to the best of my ability."
I guess they want to see whether the answers correlate together to make a common personality type, and whether they think it correlates with the type of job sought.  I sure hope they remember that the applicant is 16 and doesn't have many choices available to him.

The best part:  he had to stop before it was complete so he could leave for driver's ed, so he'll have to fill most of it out a second time.  Sigh...

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